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Monday, November 16, 2020

TV personality Sayuri reveals she gave birth to a baby boy with a donor from Japan

Article: [Exclusive] TV star Sayuri becomes a mother on her own... "is this a dream"

Source: KBS via Naver

1. [+11,309, -47] It couldn't have been ane asy decision... so find strength! I support you~

2. [+2,230, -47] If anyone could get it done, it's her! Very cool, and congratulations

3. [+2,011, -31] She's always been known for being strong willed and never caring what others think. It couldn't have been an easy decision so she must've really wanted this precious baby! I hope that she remains with her strong willed ways and has happy times with her baby~

4. [+1,756, -32] Her decision is worthy of respect, I support you

5. [+1,435, -38] As big of a decision this is in life, I hope that she and her baby have a future filled with happy days!

6. [+536, -16] There's no need to make love with a man you don't even particularly love just to make a baby. She has the talent and wealth to stand all on her own so I'm sure her baby will be just fine. Congratulations.

7. [+319, -4] The fact that she chose to go through pregnancy and birth without marriage shows what a strong person she is. It's great that her family supported this decision. I pray that she has a happy life with her new child~ be happy!

8. [+282, -6] A round of applause for giving birth to such a precious new life... especially in a world where lives seem to be thrown away these days.

9. [+261, -21] Why doesn't Korea have sperm banks? Marriage is so difficult these days and I'm sure there are single women who would prefer to be single mothers so why not just let them and help bring up the birth rate?
- Korean hospitals do not provide sperm donors to unwed women
- Probably for two reasons... the stigma against single, unwed mothers, and the poor support system compared to other countries
- Korean men are vehemently against it in case they won't get to get married


Source: Naver

1. [+1,624, -105] Amazing!!!

2. [+882, -20] Wow.. such a difficult decision.. I wish her happiness with her child

3. [+529, -14] This is so Sayuri of her ㅋㅋ I hope she raises him well, congratulations ^^

4. [+133, -5] This is so Sayuri of her

5. [+65, -2] A hundred times better than marrying a man you don't love and going through divorce later!! I support you

6. [+59, -5] I find her so cool for living her life without caring about what others think! Congratulations on your baby boy~~~



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