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Sunday, October 11, 2020

YouTuber Gabie Kook under controversy for breaking quarantine rules during 2 week isolation

Article: 'Party during self quarantine' Netizens call out Gabie Kook... "families aren't even able to be with their loved ones passing away"

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver [YouTube post]

1. [+947, -15] Our healthcare system is collapsing because of people like her who hold Korean citizenships but choose to live in another country and only come back for the healthcare benefits when it suits them

2. [+691, -7] I'm so tired of the people who left the country saying they hate Korea and never pay any taxes only to come back when they're sick and need medical care. 

3. [+542, -4] I think we need to change the system. It's not fair that these people, who are basically foreigners, get the full benefits of our healthcare system just for paying for health insurance a few times. This person lives in the UK and is only coming back to receive healthcare here... 

4. [+350, -6] Well, this birthday party is going to uncover a lot of other things too, like other foreigners like her who always come back to Korea just to receive free healthcare

5. [+46, -0] Why can't she be treated in the country she's living in, why come all the way to Korea...? I really don't get why we keep letting foreigners back like this. 

6. [+48, -1] She wrote the excuse that she's been paying for medical insurance consistently but I know that payments get put on pause if you're out of the country for over three months so why is she lying?

7. [+29, -4] Both she and her husband aren't even Koreans but they make all their money on YouTube with Korean content and who knows if they're even paying proper taxes. They're using Korea for content and now they're using Korea for our healthcare system... do they think we're fools to put up with that? How are they any different from Steven Yoo?!

8. [+22, -0] How do people not understand what self-quarantine means? It means you're not supposed to see anyone for two weeks. Please at least try to follow the basic rules.

9. [+20, -0] Please block Koreans who live abroad from coming back to the country only when they're sick

10. [+16, -0] Gabie: I paid for all of my health insurance
Netizens: Your payments are automatically on pause when you leave the country
Can we please get a fact check on this~



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