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Friday, October 16, 2020

Wearing hanbok while vacationing abroad: spreading culture or weird?

Article: What happened when we wore Hanbok in Italy

Source: Oh My News via Nate

1. [+1,213, -185] This honestly just seems like they're looking for attention or they did it for the gram

2. [+1,128, -203] It's always the people who never had any interest in traditional Korean culture who go on vacation abroad and want attention for being different. 

3. [+1,025, -184] Please don't do this...

4. [+116, -19] Don't wear this stuff abroad unless you're going to wear it right with the full set like they do in historical dramas

5. [+103, -17] Why go all the way to Italy to act like this... It's not like we pay any mind to the Indians wearing their traditional clothes in Myungdong..

6. [+89, -7] It's probably best not to go around dressed like this abroad because of all the Asian racism going on around the world thanks to China. You're putting yourself at risk of being assaulted ㅠㅠ

7. [+78, -24] Attention seekers

8. [+75, -18] Is this necessary, though? Unless it's just for the gram

9. [+72, -5] Enough's enough. This is no different than Middle Easterners wearing a turban while walking around Kyungbukgung.

10. [+54, -3] Not trying to hate but Hanbok requires a very strict form of styling for it to look good. I personally don't like it when people wear jeans under it or have their hair down long.

11. [+47, -5] It's funny to think about, though ㅋㅋㅋ imagine if we saw tourists coming to our historical buildings while wearing their own traditional clothes like kimonos or qipaos, we'd probably all be wondering what they're doing? Like, "What're they doing dressed like that at another country's historical site?" 

12. [+45, -14] Ugh, this is so cringe


Source: Naver

1. [+629, -82] I don't think people read the article before actually posting comments. These people chose to wear these hanboks because they realized that while foreigners are able to differentiate between the different Asian cultures, they still didn't see differences in the traditional dresses. It's unfair to criticize them before thinking of how they're helping others understand our culture.

2. [+448, -137] I often notice our hanboks being confused with kimonos so I'm grateful to people like them who are out there showing the difference

3. [+211, -4] I think it's great that they're spreading awareness about our country's traditional dress~! They look great in these pictures.

4. [+67, -20] Too many people are seeing this in a twisted way...

5. [+20, -2] This is great. It's sad that there are still so many foreigners who confuse the kimono and hanbok. These pictures look beautiful and I think our hanboks look great next to Europe's buildings.

6. [+14, -3] I wonder what Koreans would think if they saw people walking around Korea in traditional Italian dresses



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