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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

SM unveils first member of new girl group Aespa

Article: SM reveals first member of new girl group Aespa

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+271] Am I the only one who's super looking forward to their debut?; Not sure why everyone's so hung up on the plastic surgery. Have you personally seen them get work done? Did you pay for it yourselves? These girls are rookies which means they're barely 20 something years old, and you're already ripping them apart before they've even debuted.

2. [+233] Did SM... change the style of facial features they usually go for? 😢

3. [+180] Just like how Red Velvet replaced f(x), looks like this new group will be replacing Red Velvet..

4. [+126] She feels like a mix of Taeyeon + ITZY's Lia

5. [+95] So Irene is making her exit while Aespa makes their debut

6. [+37] Let's not say too much about the plastic surgery. They're going to get a ton more work done after they debut anyway.

7. [+4] These comments are a mess. You guys do realize that SM groups always get a ton of hate before their debut and then people go crazy over their looks after the debut. Red Velvet got a ton of hate before their debut too, and people made fun of SM for losing their sense in physical looks ㅋ

8. [+107] No... this is not right... these are not the visuals SM is known for.........

9. [+99] I really think SM stopped caring about their visuals after Red Velvet

10. [+50] She looks like she's from some mid tier agency ㅋㅋㅋ what's up with her?

11. [+28] I.. refuse to give up on the traditional SM beauty..

12. [+25] She's not really an SM type visual, right...?

13. [+24] Red Velvet was the cut off for the SM visual

14. [+17] This isn't really the type of visual that SM normally goes for



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