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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Samsung's Lee Gun Hee passes away at 78

Article: Samsung group's Lee Gun Hee passes away at 78 years old

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+655, -4] May he rest in peace, hopefully he's in a better place

2. [+302, -13] May he rest in peace. He held our country's economy on his shoulders, and I'm grateful for it.

3. [+177, -9] Losing so many stars in the financial world. I hope that his son is able to shine light on his legacy. 

4. [+105, -4] What's the point in being so rich.. when you can't even make it to 80 with your health.. Thank you for advancing our country's economy as far as you have.. I hope you rest in peace.

5. [+78, -6] He worked so hard for his country. I pray that he's resting in peace.

6. [+37, -1] Our country has lost such a big star. Our economy would not be as strong as it is now without him. Rest in peace.

7. [+12, -1] May he rest in peace. He lost his daughter, suffered through the divorces of his other daughter and son, lost relationships with his brothers, became the target of the media and government... He may have had a lot of money but he's lived a life more difficult than most. I hope he rests in peace now.

8. [+10, -0] I am truly happy to get to work under such a proud company. May he rest in peace, and I pray that he isn't hurting there.


Source: Nate

1. [+1,097, -29] May he rest in peace

2. [+978, -36] 78 is still a young age by today's standards... how unfortunate

3. [+871, -33] He was the #1 figure who brought our country to the international stage. May he rest in peace.

4. [+103, -2] He's a figure who will be remembered in our country's history. Rest in peace.

5. [+83, -7] Sometimes it doesn't matter how many smart people a country has if there aren't the resources that employ them. Samsung's Lee Byung Chul and Lee Gun Hee did precisely that. They may have made mistakes but they are deserving of our respect. May he rest in peace.

6. [+70, -3] He truly led a company that held our country's entire economy in the palm of his hands... What an amazing feat. Rest in peace.

7. [+66, -3] Such a huge figure for our country. May he rest in peace.

8. [+46, -8] Samsung has helped our country become the country it is today. Thank you for creating something that our people can be proud of. Rest in peace.



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