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Friday, October 23, 2020

Prosecutors demand life imprisonment for 'nth room case' scandal Jo Joo Bin

 Article: Jo Joo Bin who held his head up high breaks into tears at 'life imprisonment' sentence

Source: E-Daily via Nate

1. [+436, -1] Good, life imprisonment. I'd rather that he get killed but never getting to leave prison is good too~~

2. [+391, -1] Just kill him. Or treat him like he treated his victims.

3. [+318, -3] If he only started crying at hearing the life imprisonment, that means he spent all his life with no feeling of guilt or remorse. The women he tortured cried every single day as their souls died within them. His victims deserve his death as compensation for their suffering. 

4. [+24, -0] Jo's father: "The witch hunt against him is wrong... he's in deep reflection" ????????????????????

5. [+18, -0] Please sentence him to life in prison without parole. Don't let him out early because he's a model prisoner or whatever. He's going to go straight back to doing what he's always done.

6. [+18, -0] Looking forward to a life sentence without parole

7. [+14, -0] He ruined the lives of all of his victims but he's now begging for a lesser sentence of his own, where is his shame..?? What could he ever do to help his victims heal? Since we don't have a death penalty anyway, the best way he can pay back his victims is by serving a life sentence.

8. [+13, -0] His face grosses me out every time I see it

9. [+10, -0] Don't act like you have remorse. Don't you dare cry.

10. [+9, -0] Reflection is for your moments before death because people never commit to change unless they're facing death. The best solution for a person like him is death and I'd prefer it to a life imprisonment where he's kept alive by our taxes.

11. [+6, -0] Such a light sentence for someone who murdered the souls of so many women and dropped them into such deep despair. It should be like the US where they dole out 2,300 or 1,000 year sentences and force financial compensation for the victims by confiscating everything.

12. [+6, -0] Guys like him should be stripped in prison and have a surveillance cam on him that can be accessed by everyone in the nation so that he suffers the same pain he dealt to others 



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