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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Netflix soars in Korea with a continued rise in user subscriptions

Article: "Korea is special" Netflix soars on the wings of K-Culture

Source: Asia Economy via Naver

1. [+439, -42] If a Korean company had tried to make anything like Netflix, it would've just flopped... They would've added a bunch of unnecessary perks like % discounts for being members of other sites, % discounts for adding family members, % discounts for adding a TV and internet package... which will just make people too lazy to figure everything out and not join. ㅋㅋ I'm just glad Netflix was the one to do it and do it right...

2. [+264, -44] Since they're making a lot of money, let's please invest more in the productions

3. [+107, -2] I like that even Korean movies have subtitles on this platform. I've noticed that a lot of our movies have reached a point where they're difficult to understand without subtitles.

4. [+70, -12] Add more content! Their number of content is the lowest in the world!

5. [+41, -0] There's a lot to watch but nothing to watch

6. [+28, -2] Korean companies will complain that Netflix is getting a free ride until they start making money off of this too

7. [+24, -2] Netflix is worth watching for a few months and then you get bored of it, is it just me?

8. [+8, -0] Bountiful content but nothing in particular to watch

9. [+8, -1] Netflix is #1 super expensive #2 looks like it has a lot of content but there's nothing much to watch

10. [+9, -3] The Netflix founder is calling the Korean market special because its growth was probably marked by K-Pop and K-Dramas, which are popular all over the world, along with the rise in Hallyu content.



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