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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Sulli's mother reveals her estranged relationship with Sulli in new documentary

Article: The question that remains in a world without Sulli 'why did Sulli bother you so much?'

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+1,120, -56] We need to create a law that bans celebrity agencies from casting trainees out of elementary and middle school. I don't think it's good for anyone's mental health to be living apart from their parents at such a young age and basically growing up in a celebrity factory.

2. [+784, -44] Journalists killed her

3. [+417, -22] Sigh... our country has a culture of pushing people to the edge of the cliff over any little mistake they make. There needs to be a line drawn for criticism but it's just endless... Was it really such a crime for her to date a man 13 years older than her? We lost such a beautiful child...

4. [+365, -16] I miss Sulli ㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+364, -21] Thinking about it now, Sulli seemed to have been really kind and sensitive at heart... While other celebrities were threatening lawsuits, she never sued any of her haters... She withstood them all just for being a public figure ㅠㅠ

6. [+295, -13] As someone who watched her documentary and as someone who also grew up in a single parent family, I think the base of the problem, hate comments aside, was that she grew up in an unstable home. Her mother said in the documentary that she has a fiery temper and that she told Sulli she didn't want to see her anymore due to their differences in opinion and basically rarely saw each other again... I honestly don't think I could cut my own child off like that. I don't understand it. Sulli collapsed because her mother was the only person she could depend on and she left. I wish her mother could have at least been more lenient and accepting of her...

7. [+263, -32] I understand where Sulli's mother is coming from. I would be opposed to my own daughter dating a man 13 years older. I think it was that conflict that led them to cut contact with each other. Her agency kept trying to handle everything for her. TV news never explictly said that she commit suicide because of Choiza, just that that's when she started suffering from hate comments, and honestly, people really did start hating on Sulli and treating her weird ever since she started dating Choiza. Now that I look back on her photos, I'm noticing that her eyes have always been wet, like she was always carrying around a sadness.

8. [+241, -13] Choiza just has no shame. Sulli said so on TV that her ex was trash and that she's going to care about looks in her future relationships. It's obvious that she had ill feelings towards him. When Sulli died, Choiza closed his comments from the hate and started posting ambiguous stuff like 'But we were still happy' and tried to make himself look like the good guy ㅋㅋ how does he have the shame to do that when he wrote explicit lyrics about her before? He kept his mouth shut when Sulli was the butt of jokes but was so quick to defend himself when she died ㅋㅋㅋ he's disgusting.

9. [+363, -143] Honestly, we have to admit that she became weird after she started dating Choiza. If only she had been in a more mature relationship...

10. [+211, -11] She dated someone too old for her and that worried her mother, which then led to her cutting contact with her parents. Can you imagine the pain her mother must've gone through?

11. [+215, -10] I didn't quite understand the mother when I was watching this... her daughter was suffering to the point of relying on medication but she still cut contact with her. Sulli had no one left to depend on...

12. [+203, -15] Sulli's mother must despise Choiza

13. [+178, -2] Sulli would've never died if her mother took her side. Taking your life is not something so easy. I know that her mother probably suffered a lot through this but I got such cold vibes from her with the way she handled this. I saw the show and they basically said that they fought over her relationship which led Sulli to demand receipts any time her mother uses her money and the mother basically said she didn't want to see her anymore. Even when Sulli was younger, her mother wasn't around. If only Sulli had another sister to watch over her...

14. [+179, -14] But what kind of a mother cuts contact with her daughter just because she's dating a man she opposes...

15. [+153, -2] Her mother is too cruel. Going through a divorce leaves such an impression on young children. She had to have known how unstable Sulli was feeling. How can you just leave her alone just because she doesn't want to listen to you? I would've never left her side after the first suicide attempt. The mother just doesn't seem normal.

16. [+114, -4] I'm wondering if the absence of a father in Sulli's life is what led her to pick such a man for herself. I have a friend who lost her father at a young age and I've been noticing that she's into older men... maybe for the feeling of stability? I understand why her mother was so opposed to her relationship with Choiza.

17. [+113, -4] I can see why Sulli was so close with Goo Hara. They were both starved for their mothers' love... tsk. Sulli's mother wasn't in contact with her even up to the point of death. She only chooses to appear now for this documentary to put all the blame on Choiza...

18. [+105, -5] Was... it necessary for this show to air? Why not just have something that looks back on and remembers Sulli's life? Why bring her mother into this and bring up Choiza too...

19. [+93, -2] I was quite shocked that the mother got mad over Sulli choosing financial independence and chose to cut contact...;;; ㅠ

20. [+91, -1] I don't think both Sulli's mother and Choiza are good people



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