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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

South Korea ranks #17 on the '2020 Social Progress Index'

Article: South Korea ranks #17 in the world of 2020 social progress "best rank since 2014"

Source: Money Today via Nate [ full statistics here ]

1. [+542, -34] Korea's a great country to live in if you have money. We have a great delivery system, clean bathrooms and rest stops, etc.

2. [+510, -34] I agree that we have a great healthcare system. Even in advanced countries like the US, their citizens are too scared to go to the hospital no matter how sick they are because it's so expensive.

3. [+459, -48] What's the point when politicians are ruining it all...

4. [+33, -3] Really? Then why are we the country with the highest suicide rate?

5. [+26, -8] We're top tier when it comes to safety. It's something all Koreans and foreigners agree upon.

6. [+21, -9] I agree that we're great when it comes to safety and prevention... although we do slip up at times

7. [+18, -6] Is our suicide rate also reflected in the numbers?!

8. [+17, -3] Yeah, if you have money and networks

9. [+14, -8] Am I the only one struggling????

10. [+10, -7] Korea's the most comfortable country for me... so many so-called advanced countries have slow internet and you can't even go outside at night for safety reasons



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