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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Microdot marks comeback after 2 year hiatus with new song release 'Responsibility'

Article: Microdot comes back after 2 years "brave enough"

Source: Chosun Media via Naver

1. [+3,382, -26] Screw off, this country isn't a place for you to come back to whenever you need money. You should be reflecting at the bare minimum... Didn't you even threaten lawsuits when the #debttoo controversy first broke?

2. [+2,044, -17] His career as a celebrity is already over, isn't it? His parents are in jail and the victims of their crime haven't been properly compensated. Just seeing this article about him makes me feel gross. Surely he's not thinking of coming back on TV?

3. [+517, -3] He's out of money so he's coming out with a song that he claims to be genuinely from the heart. You're no different from your parents, you're scammers.

4. [+285, -10] Why?? Why come back??

5. [+194, -2] You're "brave enough"? More like your skin is "thick enough"

6. [+163, -0] The bigger problem is the digital market for accepting his comeback

7. [+157, -1] Does he think two years is enough for the public to take him back? The money you scammed people out of was enough to buy a big home in Gangnam... think of the years those people lost. I do not care to hear any updates about your life anymore.

8. [+121, -0] Oh, were these two years difficult for you? Was it unfair that your parents' crimes were being put on you? Your victims spent plenty more years living in struggle and pain, how do you think their years were? If you were truly sorry, you would never show your face again! You would make sure that every cent you earned went back to compensating their losses, interest included! Your parents are deserving of the punishment for their crime. They not only ruined the lives of their victims but took away years from their lives. You can pay back a broken life with money but you can never buy back time.

9. [+118, -1] Pay everyone back including interest. Your scam ruined an entire village.

10. [+95, -1] It's easy to think that the kids have no fault in a crime their parents committed... but his fault lies in how he handled the controversy when it broke out. Then he went into hiatus as if he'd never return again. He does realize that this isn't right, right?



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