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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What were the most buzzed about dramas and varieties online this year?

Article: Im Young Woong and Mr. Trot, World of the Married, Paengsoo... the hottest on the internet of the first half of the year

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver

Top dramas of the first half of 2020
1. Crash Landing on You (12k posts, 75k comments, 12.8m views, 10.8% viewer rating)
2. World of the Married (10k posts, 71k comments, 9.8m views, 14.9% viewer rating)
3. Itaewon Class (7k posts, 40k comments, 5.1m views, 10.3% viewer rating)
4. Love is beautiful, life is wonderful (611 posts, 3k comments, 1m views, 26.7% viewer ratings)
5. Once Again (890 posts, 10k comments, 1.9m views, 25% viewer ratings)
6. Unasked Family (373 posts, 1k comments, 457k views, 23.1% viewer ratings)

Top variety shows of the first half of 2020
1. Mister Trot
2. Mister Trot's Taste
3. Romantic Call Centre
4. Giant PaengTV


1. [+220, -13] Im Young Woong's song touches the heart~ I haven't missed one episode of 'Mister Trot' and I'm still watching reruns.

2. [+153, -11] Im Young Woong and 'Mister Trot' have changed my life. I've never liked a celebrity before but I've been supporting him ever since. He's become my vitamin every single day, and life has just gotten so much happier. He must be glad I'm his fan.

3. [+124, -6] Of course 'Mister Trot' is the highest ranking variety show of 2020. With Im Young Woong at the center, all of the trotmen have shined, and I thank all of them for helping us through these difficult times. Looking forward to more shining activity from Im Young Woong.

4. [+74, -8] It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say Im Young Woong has led this, he's the best

5. [+53, -5] Im Young Woong pretty much led this on his own...



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