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Saturday, May 16, 2020

TV: [Spoilers!!!] The World of the Married (Finale)

Article: Finale 'The World of the Married' Did Kim Hee Ae get back Jun Jin Seo? 'open ending' Park Sun Young -> Han So Hee live new lives

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+2,510, -32] In the end, Seol Myung Sook has it the best... being alone is the best... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+2,073, -84] The scene of Ji Sun Woo pulling Lee Tae Oh in embrace.. I think I can understand the emotions behind it... I'm sad about the parts about Junyoung but.. the drama leaves a lot to think about.. ㅠㅠ..

3. [+2,073, -34] Lee Tae Oh was terrible until the end

4. [+465, -3] In the end, it's only the children who get hurt.. and honestly, it's annoying that the cheating woman still gets to live a happy life without consequences

5. [+415, -8] I could understand her feeling of wanting to kill him but then feeling her heart sink at the thought of him being dead and feeling relieved that he's still alive... your husband is your own enemy and friend. It's so sad.

6. [+412, -25] I don't necessarily think Yeo Da Kyung has a happy ending. She's at an age where she should be in happy, fulfilling relationships with a happy life but now she's just a divorcee with a child who must live the rest of her life with all these pains. How is that a happy ending? And I actually think ending it there is more realistic as well.

7. [+326, -4] I wondered why there wasn't more with Yoongi -ssaem... he still saved her life. There wasn't even a scene of her thanking him after the ocean scene. It's a waste of a character.

8. [+317, -5] I could understand the emotions behind it.. when Lee Tae Oh jumped in front of the car at the end and Kim Tae Hee ran after him, it was so sad ㅠㅠ I can understand Junyoung as well. I just get the ending.. It does seem a bit unrealistic that a middle schooler can leave home for a year like that but.. In the end, it breaks my heart that the father's one mistake has ruined the son's life with trauma and made him hate his parents like this...

9. [+303, -6] How does Lee Tae Oh jump in front of the truck in front of his own kid??? He's so selfish righ tuntil the very end. What a fool, sigh.

10. [+283, -30] Ending: If you're the daughter of a rich family, you can break families without consequences

11. [+273, -7] Ji Sun Woo did nothing wrong but she ends up living the saddest life of them all

12. [+227, -17] Perhaps Ji Sun Woo knew of the youth center that Junyoung was staying at after running away from home and secretly supporting him behind the scenes? While acting like she knew nothing to the father? Probably wanted to give her son time to come back on his own terms. I think she was donating to the youth center Junyoung was staying at...

13. [+209, -33] Fine, let's say she couldn't find her son for a year. But then we should be seeing her running around looking for him. Instead, she's out at seminars and living her life like normal, eating bread all lavishly ㅋㅋㅋ

14. [+207, -11] I like this ending. Just because the plot is about an affair doesn't mean it needs to be like other makjang dramas where consequences are dealt for actions. The drama is a portrayal of its title, the world of the married. Ji Sun Woo's monologue at the end is right; who can be arrogant enough to punish someone else?

15. [+183, -15] Yeo Da Kyung's coffee scene pissed me off, why should we see her get to live a happy life after all of that ㅡㅡ

16. [+170, -50] I don't like the ending, come on. The ending was basically saving Yeo Da Kyung's life.

17. [+155, -5] So in the end, a family was broken, a child was traumatized, and only the woman who cheated got away with living happily ever after.



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