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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Jungkook and fans deal with back to back controversies

Article: BTS Jungkook, dating rumors -> traffic violation accident -> Itaewon visit, back to back scandals

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate

1. [+2,601, -80] I hope he apologizes properly to his hyungs, fans, and medical staff, and reflects over this.

2. [+2,528, -124] To all of you Armies who are defending him blindly, please learn a lesson from what happened with Big Bang. Big Bang used to be untouchable but when they made mistakes and refused to acknowledge them, they began rotting away behind the shields of their blind fans before eventually crumbling into what they are now.

3. [+2,291, -312] Jungkook's pretty bad but the Army fanclub doesn't seem any better

4. [+235, -5] His fans coddle him too much

5. [+218, -6] If Armies don't want BTS to end up like Big Bang, Jung Jun Young, and Park Yoochun, they need to stop it with the blind shields. When Jungkook was first booked for violating traffic laws, his fans went around making up lies and shielding him by saying he was trying to avoid hitting an illegally parked car. The Itaewon scandal got into this big of a mess because a stupid fan faked a handwritten letter while other fans were yelling about how it isn't a big deal that he just went out to eat in Itaewon. You b*tches don't realize that Jackson Bar is pretty much the same vibe as a nightclub. If you're going to shield Jungkook, then go shield Park Gyuri too. When stars make mistakes, it's time to hold them accountable for it, get them to apologize, and move on. Please stop doing things that cause people to call you a brainless fangirl b*tch.

6. [+218, -17] Jungkook is quite stubborn~ I don't think he will ever listen to his hyungs. I can see his greed and stubbornness all over his face. I hope he's the first to enlist~

7. [+194, -8] He's always the only one with scandals

8. [+165, -5] Jungkook-ah, this is the second time your news has been featured in the general news section. Do you not feel sorry to the other members?

9. [+153, -15] Jun Jungkook, wake up. I seriously want to beat him up.. You're my bias but all you're doing is disappointing me. I've tried to shield you up to your tattoos but I give up now.

10. [+130, -12] He has no care about reflecting. He's probably thinking "so what?" and he'll be the only one who doesn't write a handwritten letter ㅋㅋ He's lucky his hyungs still treat him like a human being after all of this.

11. [+104, -8] Being accepted as the immature maknae who can get away with anything is limited to only the team and the Armies. You will not be accepted for everything by the public. What does he think of the hyungs who are always stressing about the importance of knowing the weight of responsibility on their shoulders because of all that they've achieved? I have no intention of ever shielding you and it makes me uncomfortable to even watch content where you're laughing in them anymore.

12. [+101, -9] He's arrogant

13. [+85, -1] The Armies who coddle him are a big issue too. The fandoms of the other Itaewon friends didn't hesitate to hold their idols accountable but Armies were the only ones worrying about "what if Jungkook is having a hard time" and even trending "Jungkook I love you" on the search charts. I remember they also made his dating scandal worse because they were cornering the wrong person the entire time.

14. [+84, -8] I knew an article like this would come home. Are you happy to taint your loving brothers' image like this?

15. [+77, -5] Every single BTS scandal has been caused by this one member. BTS wanted to put out a corona consolation song but now the authenticity of that will be questioned. I feel bad for the other members ㅜㅜ tsk tsk

16. [+80, -1] Learn from Kwanghee. He said he's always cautious of accidentally causing trouble or being involved in something bad whenever he goes out, that he would decline invitations because he didn't want to bring harm onto the other 'Infinity Challenge' members. It was not easy for BTS to get to this point. You struggled right along with the other members right from the start. So why let it all crumble on your own?

17. [+70, -4] I'm an Army and I don't have anything to say. People around me who didn't even know any of their seven names now know who Jungkook is, and it's not because anyone forced them but because he himself put himself in the news like that. I have nothing to say about that. On top of that, Big Hit keeps responding to these controversies saying it's a private matter... this is just a mess. It's making me question why I bought their documentary last week. Their concert is online next month.. Jungkook-ah, ask yourself why fans are watching your concert from their bedrooms. Sigh...

18. [+70, -3] Something about his eyes changed when he started growing his hair out and then he's been in back to back scandals ever since. I hope he's more careful because he should know that it wasn't just him that worked hard to get to this point. It was possible because of his hyungs. It's not too late to wake up now.

19. [+67, -2] After he started making decent money, he started talking about wanting a normal life, then started getting tattoos everywhere and going out... and then the back to back scandals. Big Hit was so busy trying to hide him, calling it a private matter, and Jungkook would hide behind them, waiting for it to all pass. Enough's enough now. Jungkook-ah, it's time to apologize, erase your tattoos, and go back to how you used to be. Your life has been upsetting to watch ever since you got those tattoos ㅠㅠ

20. [+61, -2] Four idol groups were implicated yesterday. While fandoms of the other idols were tweeting about demanding handwritten apologies from their idols, Armies were hashtagging #JungkookahIloveyou.... None of the other fandoms were shielding their idols, so why were Armies doing it?? Do they not understand the situation right now?? You guys need to wake up before you get him even more hate...