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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Hate comments question why Krystal hasn't posted anything about Sulli on Instagram

Article: [Exclusive] Krystal was at Sulli's wake all three days along... enough with the hate "why didn't she write a remembrance post?"

Source: Korea Econ via Nate

1. [+5,226, -34] People really aren't changing, they're crazy

2. [+5,074, -39] Hate comments will never change, only the target

3. [+4,257, -53] Of all the people to ㅋㅋㅋ Please force real names to be used for comments and file lawsuits against all the unfounded comments

4. [+275, -0] I'm not familiar with Krystal's personality... but maybe she's just not the type to write remembrance posts on instagram?? Why are people demanding that she write one? I don't post on Instagram either...

5. [+253, -1] If she wrote a remembrance post, people would attack her questioning how she's in the frame of mind to be posting on SNS at a time like this. If journalists report on the funeral proceedings, people criticize them for reporting a moment of privacy. If journalists don't report on the funeral proceedings, people start criticizing stars for not being seen at the funeral. This is a case of where you just don't win no matter what.

6. [+174, -3] Ah... you're all mentally ill, please stop it

7. [+161, -3] Sometimes when you're sad beyond belief, you don't even have the strength to press a button. Just like how most family members aren't going to be posting on Instagram when a family member has passed (although I've seen some people.. ㅎ)

8. [+117, -2] She's sad to death, can you crazy haters please just leave her alone and let her stay off of SNS? This world is too obsessed with SNS.

9. [+113, -8] I think people who write remembrance posts are the weird ones. I know someone whose grandmother passed away and their Kakao status message was "rest in peace grandma"..

10. [+84, -1] Perhaps this makes her a real friend... it shows that she's too sad to even open up Instagram and write something. She was at the wake for all three days and shared her sadness with the people attending. THat's a true friend... Sulli's closest friends IU and Taeyeon haven't posted anything on Instagram either... they're all too busy being sad at the wake.


Source: Naver

1. [+2,004, -12] Her closest friend lost her life, do you really think she's going to be on her phone? Is remembering someone's life only about posting it on Instagram? Isn't it more important that she was at her wake for three days? Enough is enough, guys;;

2. [+1,443, -2] Krystal stayed at Jonghyun's wake for the entire three days and stayed with him until he was laid to rest. Same for Sulli... Sometimes you don't have to outwardly show your grief to be feeling it.

3. [+1,143, -5] I hope you guys are all posting on Instagram when your mothers and fathers pass away, you stupid internet zombies

4. [+518, -8] She's at the funeral, hurting, in a state of disarray... what would she be posting? Krystal stayed with her like family... don't hate on her without knowing anything, tsk tsk.

5. [+94, -1] I found it weirder to see people posting pictures of white flowers on their Instagram whenever they hear that someone has passed. I guess that's the only way haters express their remembrance? What Krystal's doing is normal... her friend is dead, what does posting on Instagram matter?



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