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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Seulgi criticized for adopting purebred cats with controversial hereditary diseases

Article: "Severe hereditary diseases" Red Velvet's Seulgi under controversy for revealing new purebred cats

Source: Money Today via Nate

1. [+2,887, -781] Well what are we supposed to do with the cats already born, then? Let them die? They're already born, shouldn't they deserve love too?

2. [+2,685, -885] Ah, I really can't stand people obsessed with animals ㅠㅠ please just mind your own business

3. [+2,198, -701] People get triggered by everything nowadays... I own two cats myself and they're all the same adorable cats whether they come with hereditary diseases or not. What's so triggering about this that you all feel the need to criticize her? She already adopted them so just wish her well and move on.

4. [+314, -30] An influential person like Seulgi raising cats of this breed will garner more interest in that breed and create more consumer demand, which will mean more cats will have to be bred to meet those demands. That's why people are leaving comments about it. It's not just simply hate. Once people realize that these cats come with diseases that require hospital treatment and medication, they're going to end up abandoning them and these cats are going to suffer. There are a lot of purebreds that are born from pet mills in pet shops, which makes them weaker from birth as well ㅠㅠ

5. [+237, -25] It may sound like we're not minding our own business but she's famous and now more people are going to look up this cat breed and want it for themselves, which means cat mills are going to start producing more of this breed. That's a problem, is it not? I don't think the criticisms are unfounded... Seulgi should just delete the picture, it's not a big deal ㅋ

6. [+211, -19] I agree with the criticisms... people are just asking that she, as a celebrity, refrain from posting about this stuff because the attention can get out of hand;;

7. [+183, -26] An animal is not an object meant to be viewed where being cute and pretty is all that matters. This is a breed that was never meant to exist, born purely out of people forcing reproduction. Animal abuse is not simply limited to physically abuse. It also includes irresponsibility, and that means people who take animals just because they're cute and pretty.

8. [+148, -20] Honestly, all purebreds are riddled with hereidtary disease. Scottish Folds and Munchkins especially are not even recognized by the world vet association..

9. [+135, -10] Yes, I agree that animals already born are deserving of love... but the problem is that people will see this picture and it will create an increase in demand for this breed which will perpetuate the cycle of cat mills and reproduction... This is why people are always critical of celebrities or YouTubers posting stuff like this. Why not stop and think about the cats who have to live the rest of their lives with these diseases instead of blaming people for stepping out of line?

10. [+103, -9] I think it's great that the comments are bringing it up. Celebrities need to be educated on this stuff as well, especially since they're the ones who create trends. Just search up the purebreed's name and see for yourself what kind of diseases it's born with. You need to cut the problem at its root. These celebrities need to see the severity of what they're doing.



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