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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

CL attends brand launch event

Article: CL, I am the best

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+205, -15] I was wondering how she lost weight so fast but I guess it was all camera angles..

2. [+195, -52] She looks like a pub madame

3. [+141, -32] The original goddess of media play ㅋㅋ all that stuff about being a girl crush ㅋㅋ But in reality, she's been overseas acting like a tryhard to make friends and network, hasn't achieved anything at all. Talked about how she's different from other submissive Asian women in an interview, using her phone case as an example.

4. [+19, -2] Ugly even with all that make up on...

5. [+16, -2] Look at the thickness of her neck, that's a warrior

6. [+16, -4] This is probably what foreigners view as your traditional Asian face. Or maybe it's the make up? She's talented so I wish her well.

7. [+16, -8] She's only human, I'm sure she gains weight from stress and all that~ worry about your own fat, people....

8. [+15, -8] Looks like the weight isn't coming off... I feel bad for her as a fellow woman ㅜㅜ

9. [+13, -20] She did get a bit chubbier but she's gained weight in a very glamorous way. I like her eyeliner.

10. [+12, -2] What is she going to do with all that fat