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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Actress Han Ji Sung found to have been killed in a car accident

Article: [Exclusive] Actress who died on Incheon airport highway is Han Ji Sung... "Family in grief"

Source: TV Daily via Nate

Her husband claimed that he said he needed to go to the bathroom while she was driving them down a 3-lane highway. She stopped the car in the second lane and left and was subsequently hit by a taxi and an SUV.

1. [+1,567, -17] This is upsetting but I wish they'd reveal why she stopped the car so randomly like that

2. [+1,392, -21] This is such an abnormal accident, I really hope they reveal what the true cause of her death is

3. [+1,310, -13] Logically, it makes no sense for her to have stopped the car in the second line... May she rest in peace.

4. [+92, -1] I think they could have gotten into a huge fight and were arguing over who should get out of the car so she lost it and just stopped it right there. I don't get who could ever just stop the car in the middle of a highway? And if the man needed to go to the bathroom, shouldn't he have gotten out of the car too? Why did the woman get out at all? And if the blackbox footage was deleted, it's obvious there's something fishy going on.

5. [+92, -2] The husband can talk all he wants because he's alive... but the dead can't talk~ ㅎ

6. [+91, -3] That husband's insane, he needs to be investigated

7. [+80, -0] Even anyone inexperienced with driving would know to pull over to the side if they needed to go to the bathroom. Why would anyone stop their car in the middle of a 3-lane highway?

8. [+75, -0] It's already weird that she stopped the car there but why did she get out of the car when it's the husband who had to go?

9. [+65, -6] This is weird... so weird... She stopped the car in the second line and got out? To find a bathroom? Didn't even park to the side of the road?

10. [+58, -0] Even if someone was about to piss their pants, they would not stop their car in the middle of the highway.

11. [+57, -0] Stopping your car in the middle of the highway at night is basically suicide... It's important to find out what happened with the husband.

12. [+42, -1] It's so obvious that there's something fishy...


Source: Naver

1. [+3,034, -28] Investigations need to be thorough for this...

2. [+2,522, -46] Something's weird, feels like the husband is lying. Her actions don't make sense.

3. [+1,312, -13] It's sad but I feel bad for the taxi and SUV driver ㅜㅜ There are a lot of holes in the husband's story. Why would she randomly stop her car and leave?

4. [+747, -24] Something's going on.. it better not get buried

5. [+384, -15] May she rest in peace

6. [+217, -2] Shouldn't the husband tried to have stopped his wife from stopping the car there?..

7. [+194, -1] So the car was a Benz. She stopped the car in the middle of the highway and left? Why would she leave the car like that when there's someone in the passenger seat? I'd understand if he got out since he said he needed to pee but why would the driver leave the car? That's so suspicious.

8. [+178, -3] If a car's just sitting in the middle of the highway like that, you're going to hit it no matter how hard you hit the breaks... Please don't blame the other drivers in this situation. Taxi drivers live a life of struggle as it is...

9. [+173, -1] Makes no sense. From the husband's perspective, he should've yelled at his wife if she tried to stop the car in the middle of the road no matter how badly he needed to go. What were they expecting to do? Jaywalk across the highway, pee, and jaywalk back to the car?

10. [+154, -2] It's impossible to have avoided a car accident in this situation. It's in the middle of the night, it's dark, the car is in the middle of the road... People aren't superman, you know.



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