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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Luna assures that f(x) hasn't disbanded

Article: Luna, "f(x) hasn't disbanded... sorry for making you wait"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,232, -85] It's not the members' fault.. Sure, Victoria's working in China, but it's not like she threw a fit and ran away from the group or anything. She's over there because she gets more jobs there. She's super loyal to them and still under SM.. Krystal's also been focusing on her acting and Amber's in America doing her Nike CF and all that, there's been no talk of disbandment at all. It's all the agency's fault ㅠ It's not even like the group isn't popular, they have a lot of consistent fans too..

2. [+1,021, -87] Just why isn't SM putting out any songs for them? Their song quality is always so good

3. [+819, -54] It'd be great if they could come out with another song like '4 Walls'

4. [+60, -1] It's SM's problem.. f(x) has always promoted rather bizarre(?) songs to make sure that their concept doesn't overlap with Soshi but ever since Red Velvet debuted, they got all the bizarre yet public friendly type concepts so there isn't much room for f(x) to do anything else. I think SM's just waiting for their contracts to expire while giving the members some individual attention..

5. [+43, -4] I like f(x)'s songs because they're not normal, I wish they'd hurry back

6. [+27, -4] f(x)'s songs always make you go "huh?" when you first listen to it but their stages are always great. '4 Walls' was really good too. Why isn't SM putting out any songs?

7. [+26, -2] Maybe it's because I'm getting older now but I'm starting to miss the second generation girl groups.. SNSD, WG, KARA, After School, T-ara, 4minute, f(x), SECRET..

8. [+25, -5] Obviously SM isn't putting out any more albums because there's no money left to make in them. They don't have any fans, they're all just SM fans.

9. [+24, -11] Their fandom is so small that there's no money to make in them. And there's no outstanding member either. Sulli was the face of the group but she's gone now so they don't really have a visual to push. Also, songs that need to sound quality and unique like theirs require a lot of money. SM probably doesn't see the profit that they want considering how much they have to invest.

10. [+21, -0] I think SM has already moved on to Red Velvet



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