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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Kim Yongguk apologizes to fans with a handwritten apology

Article: Kim Yongguk, "I apologize for the dating rumors with Nahyun, pet cat controversy, and way Iv'e conducted myself... I promise to be humble" handwritten apology

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,023, -26] I feel bad for his cat ㅠㅠ

2. [+1,945, -29] Just go back to China. Not a fan so I don't care for your dating rumor but I heard you were acting like a cat lover and making money off of it but you were fake the whole thing. Who would care to be your fan anymore with your image like this?

3. [+1,261, -17] There's always a reason some people just never make it. Don't bother trying to make up your image again, you're trash and that doesn't change.

4. [+410, -3] What happened to his cat is sad but he's been posting celebrity disease type stuff on Instagram talking about how he's feeling disillusioned with all the albums he has to autograph... ㅋㅋ where did a young kid like him learn all this malicious stuff...

5. [+309, -3] He doesn't seem to realize that fans have higher standards now. It's not only looks and talent that they look for but character too. Idols need to always be aware that the littlest of their actions or words can be cause for controversy and that they need to always be in control of themselves. They can quit if they don't like it. There's nothing free in this world.

6. [+199, -5] People don't change. He didn't have a talent to his name and somehow earned fame off of 'Produce 101' and he's already demanding gifts from his fans ㅡㅡ he was never meant to make it. There are top singers who are more humble and innocent than you.

7. [+183, -0] Dating or not is up to him but how could he say he felt disillusioned while signing autographs for his fans... and how could he promote his album acting like he still had his cat when he had abandoned her... goosebumps

8. [+151, -6] You've already been thrown away by your fans, just like that cat you abandoned

9. [+151, -6] Sigh, all that work in building up his image since 'Produce 101' has shattered

10. [+105, -4] Screw off, I feel so bad for his cat. All he needs to do is share a proof photo of the cat in his agency office but he isn't and only putting up pathetic excuses. I refuse to believe him...

11. [+107, -11] I always had a cold feeling about him. His eyes always had that look, something weird, like he was going to commit something someday...

12. [+99, -3] Always with these handwritten apologies... what do they ever accomplish?



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