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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Netizens debate whether only female officers should be allowed to watch Goo Hara's video for investigation

Article: "Only female officers should be allowed to view Goo Hara's video" vs "All officers should do what they need to do, why divide by gender?"

Source: Herald Econ via Nate

1. [+627, -64] How can these dumb b*tches not know where they belong and don't...

2. [+525, -81] If the video is being viewed for investigative purposes, it should be like how they do it in foreign countries and be viewed by all gender officers assigned to the case. There should not be gender discrimination in investigations.

3. [+436, -74] Well what if his d*ck is in the video too??

4. [+47, -54] I think it's right for only female officers to view it since it's a video that might make the female victim feel embarrassed

5. [+35, -15] This is gender discrimination. Obviously the ex's d*ck is in the video too, not only Goo Hara's. Both male and female officers should watch the video, you shouldn't discriminate the officers like that.

6. [+27, -4] Feminazis should only call female firefighters when their homes are on fire

7. [+25, -3] This is what gives feminazis a bad name. So female officers are allowed to see the man's d*ck but not the other way around? It shouldn't matter what gender the officers are. If they're assigned to the case, they should be allowed to view it.

8. [+21, -1] This should be the rule if the victim asks for it

9. [+21, -24] We all know what the male officers are going to do with the video

10. [+21, -11] It can't be helped when it's being investigated. And it's not like she's the only one exposed in the video, the man is too. It's not like they can have AI investigate it.



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