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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Goo Hara's boyfriend reveals the severity of her scratches on his face

Article: Goo Hara's boyfriend, "There was physical contact but I did not assault her"

Source: Seoul Econ via Naver [picture here: GRAPHIC]

1. [+1,182, -62] She knows he works in the service industry and yet she scratched up his face that deeply. That is 100% going to scar badly, she's so shameless. I bet you she's going to come out of the hospital looking as frail and weak as possible for her police investigations. All the while being supported by her manager~ how disgusting.

2. [+698, -24] I could not hold back my horror at seeing the wound on her boyfriend's face...

3. [+522, -25] She's in the wrong for this one. Her boyfriend's face was scratched up like she took a knife to it.

4. [+427, -18] Hul I saw her boyfriend's picture and the scratch marks are no joke... I don't know what she scratched him with but that's going to leave a bad scar... She must have anger management issues.

5. [+381, -15] I think he's telling the truth. He probably tried to hold her back since she's going crazy and then reported her since it got out of his control and he knew that she was going to do worse. She may be small but you can't stop someone who's seeing red. I'm speechless at the guy's face...

6. [+163, -0] The man seemed like such a handsome guy and now it's all ruined... why would you mess with someone's face like that? She ruined his life! Imagine if someone did this to your face, Goo Hara?

7. [+164, -2] Are her nails made out of steel? How can you scratch the face of someone's son like that? And she's in the hospital now acting so shameless!

8. [+157, -3] For those of you taking her side, have you even seen the boyfriend's picture? I'm getting goosebumps at the thought of you being able to defend someone who can do that to someone's face like it's not a big deal. She didn't just scratch him, she dug into his skin. Technology may be advanced now but scars like that will last forever. He works in an industry where he needs his face for the job... I understand slapping someone when you're mad but never someone who scratches...

9. [+147, -1] At first I didn't think their fight was a big deal and that he was overreacting but the picture proves that it was a gnarly fight... I think worst could've happened if he didn't call the police. I think he was trying to defend himself which Goo Hara is considering assault... but that's self defense.

10. [+140, -2] I read his interview and it's obvious he was raised well in a loving family. He was very cautious with his words and spoke only of the facts. I have no idea what you have to do to turn a man's face into that... that definitely wasn't just nails. What did she use?!


Source: Naver

1. [+589, -22] So he went to her house to get his stuff out... and they've only been dating for three months.

2. [+433, -25] So this is how it ends for her! They've only been dating for three months and they're already living together?

3. [+399, -91] How can she act so shamelessly after doing that to a man's face? She's only postponing police investigations... how sickening!!!

4. [+217, -1] She scratched him way too hard.. like she was intent on never letting him use his face again. What a scary b*tch.

5. [+115, -2] I thought the man was being cowardly at first... but not after seeing his wounds... damn



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