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Thursday, August 9, 2018

DIA makes their summer comeback that could be their last

Article: "This might be our last" DIA regroups as 8, a desperate comeback

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+1,317, -455] It's unfortunate that Eunjin left but I think she had a lot of potential. She had great visuals, she was thin, tall, and danced well. I had a feeling that she had more potential than this. It seems she has health issues but there are a lot more rumors that claim she left for her boyfriend. Either way, I think it's a loss for them to lose such a member with high potential.

2. [+499, -13] Their agency is stupid. If they had pushed Jooeun as hard as they could, DIA would be in a far different place right now.

3. [+485, -16] Even Jung Chaeyeon is buried now... remember all that media play Kwang Soo did with Jung Chaeyeon ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+401, -5] I truly do think this is their last... Honestly, Jung Chaeyeon is past her peak and Jooeun never showed any of her potential. Eunjin did some quick thinking to leave while she could.

5. [+394, -55] In order to get the 'Produce 101' influence, you need to debut with as small of a group as possible or just go solo. Chungha's the only successful one out of IOI.

6. [+375, -133] Eunjin caught my attention the most in their MVs but DIA always only pushed one member and turned the rest into nugus

7. [+209, -43] DIA Woo Woo comeback fighting!! ❤️

8. [+194, -36] You still have fans left so please don't feel too nervous and work hard for us

9. [+143, -4] This team will never make it, even until the day earth is destroyed...

10. [+141, -8] Jung Chaeyeon has such short legs


Source: Nate

1. [+280, -19] Why would the rest want to bother with promos when it's basically a one man team with Jung Chaeyeon

2. [+267, -19] Summer's over and they're making a comeback with a summer song just now? Is their agency even thinking?

3. [+118, -19] Ending their singing career by being known for the loose bra strap

4. [+19, -0] Gugudan is 'Kim Sejung and the rest', Momoland is 'JooE and the rest', DIA is 'Jung Chaeyeon and the rest', AOA is 'Seolhyun and the rest', and DIA is the worst of them all. Even Ki Heehyun had the potential to be more but she's a nugu now too.

5. [+18, -1] Jung Chaeyeon is way past her peak now



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