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Monday, July 9, 2018

Studio CEO involved in Yang Yewon's scandal commits suicide

Article: First confession -> Katalks released -> Studio CEO commits suicide... two months of the Yang Yewon scandal

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+1,665, -537] Please think this through... and please go back and read her Katalk messages. Even after reading it 100 times, all she sounded like was "I need money, please give me more photoshoots, I can do it now"... there was nothing forced about the situation. Why would she start talking about needing money for school if she was being forced?... Please stop saying she was forced to do anything.

2. [+823, -105] Well the police are saying he commit suicide because there was evidence that he leaked her nudes and that there are two other victims who are claiming that their nudes were leaked too and he caved under the pressure of it all??

3. [+465, -70] I did see her Katalks and... while she did lie, I don't think the CEO is entirely innocent either. There were several other models who made claims against him and I think there was something he was hiding. Normally people don't commit suicide if they're completely innocent. Suicide is an escape.

4. [+582, -246] Yewon-ah, why don't you clarify those Katalk messages of you asking for more photoshoots because you need the money? Someone died, he deserves that much, doesn't he?

5. [+344, -27] Are you guys not reading the article ㅡㅡ the police are saying he was responsible for the leaked pictures

6. [+176, -32] Funny how it takes someone to die for people to blame the victim~ It's sad that he died but I don't think it's right to blame the entire thing on Yang Yewon because either way, he did something wrong.

7. [+148, -17] He probably commit suicide because he knows he has more crimes that will come to light once investigations find them? Yang Yewon was just the tip of the iceberg for him, possibly~~~ Shows that you can't live life scot free after committing crimes...

8. [+123, -9] Seems he got scared and jumped because he knows he did something wrong

9. [+150, -50] She probably had no idea that this would get this big



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