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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Park Myung Soo confesses he didn't think Jessica liked working with him for 'Naengmyun'

Article: Park Myung Soo, "I don't think Jessica wanted to sing 'Naengmyun' with me" 

Source: Newsen via Nate

"When we were singing 'Naengmyun', I kept getting the dance moves wrong and I remember Jessica not going easy on me. She was a baby back then, right? She was busy with her own stuff and I think she didn't want to perform with me because she was younger than me too. Back then, 'Infinity Challenge' was just whatever, you know?"

1. [+1,585, -85] Back then, Jessica was in her world with SNS and got the 'ice princess' treatment by her fans no matter how b*tchy she acted, which only made her more arrogant ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ serves her right how the tables have turned now~

2. [+1,400, -54] Even I remember Jessica looking at Park Myung Soo like she stepped on poop. I thought she was an odd one for that.

3. [+754, -77] Well why would he expect her to like it when he doesn't practice and gets all his dance moves wrong? As much as Jessica is annoying, he was just as annoying back then too

4. [+76, -6] At least Jessica practiced her parts. Park Myung Soo kept stuttering his lines and barely prepped for any of it. Thank goodness their song was good because the situation was not in Jessica's favor at all at the time.

5. [+59, -9] It has now become one of Jessica's representative songs... although I'm sure she thought it'd be just a short variety song back then

6. [+48, -31] Honestly, even if I was Jessica, I wouldn't want to deal with him either...

7. [+44, -6] Well he's the one who always gave GD and BoA the best treatment and ignored everyone else...

8. [+36, -9] I went back to watch their 'Naengmyun' videos and if I was Jessica, I would've slapped him. There's only so much he can half a$$ and get away with. If he performed like that now, he would be under attitude controversies galore.

9. [+32, -2] She probably didn't think it was a big deal back then... since variety songs weren't as big as 'Infinity Challenge Festival' like they are now

10. [+30, -3] But he's the one who didn't prepare enough and kept getting his lyrics wrong

11. [+22, -7] Is he purposely saying this for Jessica to get hate...

12. [+19, -6] I wouldn't want to work with him either... it was obvious that he was trying to milk as much money off the song at festivals...



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