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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Jennie's beauty is as refreshing as 'Sprite'

Article: Black Pink Jennie her body is no joke

Source: Asia Today via Nate

1. [+2,293, -261] She was just born to be a celebrity;;

2. [+2,159, -351] How can her vibe look so classy and luxurious even though she's so young? She has that type of classy prettiness like Kim Yuna

3. [+117, -49] The reason Jennie's in the media so often is obvious when you look at her pictures, she's so charming

4. [+111, -43] She really does look charming

5. [+100, -39] Are her face and body real life

6. [+93, -37] Wow, so severely pretty... I'm a fan but even I'm surprised every time

7. [+75, -22] Her body's the type that's trendy lately

8. [+75, -39] She really was born for this... from her talent to her looks

9. [+55, -19] She's more refreshing than the cider she's promoting!!! Talk about captivating..

10. [+44, -16] There's no ounce of unnecessary fat on her body ㅠ no wonder clothes look so good on her ㅠ



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