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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

NCT127's manager and security under fire for assaulting and swearing at reporters at the airport

Article: NCT127's manager and security team under controversy for assaulting and swearing at reporting crew

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate

1. [+792, -39] Who are these nugus

2. [+750, -35] Are these nugus trying to get their name out with controversies like this? SM seems like they need to start managing their staff and security too, not just their artists

3. [+694, -35] It's weird that they're under SM but still nugus

4. [+57, -4] Are they renting space in the airport????? "Getting in the way"? Did they ever think that they're getting in our way?? It pisses me off every time there's a celebrity in the airport because there are people standing in lines before they're even out.

5. [+43, -2] Never knew a group like this existed. Where in the world did they hire these thugs? "Security"? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+37, -5] I was wondering who this group was... how can you be so nugu under SM?

7. [+32, -1] SM's security team is notorious for being violent. Sure SM has some stalker-like fans but there have been times where they would flat out hit them.

8. [+29, -3] Doesn't matter how hard SM tries to push this group, they're just never getting popular

9. [+27, -1] Security team? More like a team of thugs. SM managers seem to think of themselves as idols and get so cocky.

10. [+17, -2] Honestly my first time hearing about this group



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