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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Interview of the parents of teen caught beating girlfriend in elevator enrages netizens

Article: 'Busan date violence' attacker's parents give enraging interview, "A man can hit a woman if he's mad"

Source: Seoul News via Nate

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"We're the real victims. B (the victim) has a tendency to make our son angry. I think he hit her because she was acting up. She has quite the temper. We're actually angry that people think our son is the bad guy for locking her up. I mean, it's true that our son didn't let her go out in the middle of their fight but he did not keep her tied up at home or anything." The father continued, "A man can do that. He can hit a woman if he's mad, can't he?"


1. [+6,534, -53] The upbringing you get from your parents is so important. That's why marriage should always be decided after meeting your partner's parents.

2. [+5,796, -44] As expected, he is the son of his parents after all... tsk tsk. The saying is true, you can't hide blood.

3. [+5,718, -82] Maybe the mom gets beat at home by the dad too

4. [+298, -4] The interview is so enraging... since they think being hit is okay, why don't they get hit by me

5. [+280, -6] I wonder if they'd say the same thing if they had a daughter who was beaten and dragged around like this? What a pitiful household! I can only wonder what he learned under them

6. [+265, -13] That b*tch 100% gets beat by her husband at home

7. [+258, -3] I don't think the parents realize that the son will one day soon beat them too

8. [+255, -3] It's ridiculous that the father thinks that a man's temper makes it okay for him to beat anyone. I hope their identities are revealed so no one keeps a relationship with them.

9. [+225, -2] I'm speechless... how can adults say such a thing?

10. [+162, -2] Now I can see why he grew up to be the way he is ^^

11. [+89, -3] Just wait till you're older, you'll be beaten by your own son too!! "A man can do that" ㅋㅋ what in the world



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