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Friday, April 20, 2018

Han Ye Seul takes to SNS for justice on surgery gone wrong

Article: 'Shocking' Han Ye Seul suffers medical accident -> agency confirms "Everything is true"... what happens now?

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+647, -7] This is upsetting. I don't think compensating her is the issue here, she needs a proper apology and a promise of what they're going to do about this in the future. I don't get how the hospital thought it was okay to just leave her like this? The doctor also needs to be responsible for all of this. I hope she recovers. I know that no words can console the pain of having a wound on your own body but I trust she can do it through the support of her fans.

2. [+620, -8] The stitching looks so sloppy, like the doctor didn't put any thought into it at all, he's insane

3. [+586, -10] Expose the hospital

4. [+53, -1] Ugh I think even a non-celebrity would have a mental breakdown if surgery came out this bad

5. [+48, -1] Did the hospital purposely do this to her? Or did they throw in some inexperienced ajumma at the last minute?

6. [+46, -17] Her career is totally reliant on her physical appearance ㅋㅋㅋ would it have killed the hospital to give her more attention on matters like this? Or maybe it's some female doctor who felt jealous and screwed her over? ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+40, -2] Wow, that stitching looks super sloppy. The human body is not some piece of cloth.

8. [+37, -3] I feel bad for her because I know fighting legal battles against hospitals is a massive headache... I hope she gets the compensation and apology she deserves!


Source: Nate

1. [+1,076, -13] I'm glad she's using her voice as a celebrity to emphasize how serious medical accidents can be. Non-celebrities don't stand a chance in winning legal battles like this.

2. [+759, -8] Hul...

3. [+679, -9] How in the world could this happen? How upsetting... I hope she gets to the bottom of this.

4. [+52, -1] It's such a simple surgery, how could they do this to her???? Was the doctor even licensed???

5. [+50, -1] Hul.. I got a procedure done for a fatty tumor near my back a few years ago and it didn't look like this at all... how did her surgery go like this? So upsetting...



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