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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Female streamer commits suicide in the middle of her live stream, encouraged by viewers

Article: Female BJ in her thirties jumps to her death during live stream

Source: No Cut News via Nate

A 35 year old female live streamer jumped off her 8th-floor apartment in the middle of her live stream. She had recently divorced from her husband and was suffering from severe depression. She expressed her hardships with her viewers during the stream and alluded to wanting to commit suicide only to be met with trolling from the chat, making fun of her condition. She then grabbed her pet dog and jumped out of her window to her death in front of her viewers.

1. [+1,480, -56] Suicide in the middle of a live stream... What a surprise for the people watching. I hope everyone who trolled the victim gets caught and are punished.

2. [+1,334, -64] So the reason she died was because her chat was trolling her... what b*tches

3. [+1,007, -39] As a country with advanced internet, it's doubly important for us that we're careful with everything that we write on the internet. How dare anyone encourage someone suffering from depression to kill themselves? Every single one of them needs to be taken in for investigation and given severe punishment. They're murderers.

4. [+130, -8] Why the dog though...?

5. [+109, -0] She talked about wanting to do it two days before her stream. At the time, 20 viewers were watching and one ba$tard in the chat kept egging her on to jump out and do it. She eventually grabbed her dog and jumped out her 8th floor window.

6. [+94, -2] Why the dog ㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+88, -3] Please punish the kids who encouraged this in the chat

8. [+85, -11] That poor dog... ah... this is so sad

9. [+69, -7] Did she want to be consoled from her viewers? She should know more than anyone that she'd just be trolled... sigh, that poor dog

10. [+64, -13] Why'd she have to take the dog?...



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