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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sunye's husband gets naughty after seeing her in make up on 'Stranger'

Article: 'Stranger' James Park comments on Sunye with make up on, "Should we have another baby?"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

In the car with Sunye, "I'm so happy that we don't have to hear whining and crying in the back. You look so pretty. So sexy today. You should dress like that on the regular. Should we have another baby?"


1. [+1,038, -64] Well are you the one giving birth?

2. [+944, -107] I'm sure it's just a joke between them since they're a couple... but he could've said "you look pretty" and left it at that instead of being so explicit about it. It's not like babies give birth to and raise themselves... his comment kind of made me lose respect for him.

3. [+710, -55] Ugh...

4. [+114, -16] What a dirty thing to say...

5. [+106, -4] What's wrong with this guy? ㅋㅋㅋ He wants her to "dress like this on the regular"??;;;;; I get that make up makes her look good but Sunye isn't some baby making machine, you know..

6. [+102, -2] I really don't like her short cut... she's technically an ajumma but the hair makes her look more so like one...

7. [+94, -3] He's basically asking her for sex tonight, no??

8. [+89, -4] What's he trying to say? That her normal bare face doesn't make him horny?

9. [+85, -3] Ugh, that comment makes me lose respect for him... "dress like that on the regular" ㅋㅋ does he think she doesn't because she doesn't want to? If she never had babies with him, she'd be out with beautiful hair and make up. Obviously she's too busy looking after her kids that she doesn't have time for make up, let alone pretty clothes. She even cut her hair short to make things easier. I can't believe he would say something so thoughtless to her. What utter betrayal.

10. [+79, -0] I've noticed that he's been saying nonstop 19+ rated things ever since last week

11. [+73, -0] Child birth is so hard on a woman's body, just look at Sunye's condition. Sure she was known for looking a bit older than her age when she was an idol but she looks so much worse when she's still so young... How can her husband still ask her for more babies after seeing the toll it's taken on her body?

12. [+64, -3] I was quite shocked to see her breast feeding in front of her father-in-law in the previews... no matter how comfortable they are, that feels wrong



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