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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Japanese fans raise issue with Big Bang's dome tour prices

Article: "Makjang sales!" Japanese fans pissed over Big Bang's dome tour

Source: TV Report via Nate

Fans took issue with Big Bang selling side seats that other artists normally keep empty because you can't see the stage or hear anything. The tickets were being sold for the normal cost of regular seats.

1. [+671, -16] ㅋㅋ I feel bad for kids who are so desperate to get into YG like 'Mix Nine' still thinking that Yang Hyun Suk is worth anything ㅋㅋ Yang Hyun Suk is not a producer or an artist ㅋㅋ just a businessman ㅋㅋ a man using music for money

2. [+559, -24] So gross to see how greedy Yang Hyun Suk is for money without caring an ounce about managing his artists or the scandals they get into

3. [+416, -17] Big Bang was their golden ticket but now because of that druggie, their future is looking opaque. Black Pink hasn't hit one top status yet. Their other artists aren't even doing well and yet all his focus is on 'Mix Nine'. It's clear that he's going downhill lately. He thinks of himself as a celebrity before a producer.

4. [+26, -8] Gotta rip off money from somewhere for him to afford buildings, import cars, and scandals

5. [+21, -6] Their Japanese fans are obsessed with them so it's clear they're really disappointed if they're being like this. It's very arrogant and cocky of YG to think that the Japanese fans will put up with anything just to see Big Bang. What were they thinking selling those seats at regular ticket prices when they knew that people who bought them wouldn't be able to hear live performances? This company is so messed up and it's sad that there are kids still defending and supporting them.

6. [+20, -5] YG's getting greedy, not Big Bang

7. [+18, -0] What's there to be pissed about, just don't go if you don't want those tickets

8. [+16, -1] Then don't go~

9. [+14, -3] What was YG thinking... surely they knew they'd get backlash for this?

10. [+13, -1] What message is YG putting out there? That fans should be grateful those seats are even being sold? It's unfair that seats that can't even see the stage are being sold for the same prices... that's really cruel of YG.

11. [+11, -1] The fact that YG is even putting Big Bang on tour without all of the members is just saying they're doing this purely for the money. I've never seen a group go on tour when a member is away in the army.

12. [+10, -0] So they're asking fans to pay the same amount of money to just get a feel for the atmosphere?

13. [+9, -0] YG's probably trying to recoup the cost of the utter failure that is 'Mix Nine'



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