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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Radio listener asks DO if life is easy being so handsome

Article: 'Cultwo Show' Do Kyungsoo, "Yeah it is easy living life with a face like this"

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+567, -46] He looks like some country boy who just got done picking potatoes from the field

2. [+563, -71] Honestly pisses me off hearing ba$tards like him say this crap when he isn't even Jung Woo Sung or Won Bin ㅋㅋ

3. [+298, -31] Is he getting ready to enlist or?

4. [+46, -7] Do people really think he's that handsome to be asking him questions like this???????????

5. [+39, -10] Won Bin: Kyungsoo-ya... how easy?

6. [+33, -16] I'm a woman and I think Do Kyungsoo is so short and so average looking. No charm. Looks like some junior high school kid you'd see around your town. EXO fans seem to refuse to believe that someone could think he's ugly and treat every comment like this like it's a jealous male hater but you're sorely misunderstood

7. [+33, -35] Honestly he looks pretty damn handsome to be looking like that with a buzz cut;; some of you have such busted faces that you wouldn't even dare show your forehead ㅋㅋ

8. [+27, -8] Objectively, he's pretty average looking. He's short and has narrow shoulders... he'd be nothing without that EXO buff.

9. [+25, -4] The journalist is trash... I was listening to this radio today and one of the viewers asked him what it's like to be so handsome and he hesitated before Kim Tae Kyun was like, "What's it like having such a small, pretty head?" and he was just like, "Haha, it's uh... easy..." and yet this article is written as if he's living life on easy mode for being handsome.

10. [+23, -5] His height is unfortunate

11. [+21, -0] My life is easy because of the way I look too. No one talks to me and I like that.

12. [+19, -17] I would say he's handsome if he looks this good with a hair cut like that



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