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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Taemin suspects his manager of stealing his wallet

Article: 'V live' Taemin, "I recently lost my large wallet... I'm suspicious of my manager hyung"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

"I carry around a lot of bills and cards so I bought two wallets. I used a long wallet for when I go overseas and a card wallet in Korea since I don't pay with bills here. One day, however, I lost my long wallet. I don't know where it went. I'm suspicious of my manager. He got new clothes. Well, I hope it comes back."

1. [+1,383, -112] Even if it's just a joke, his manager might feel offended hearing that...

2. [+1,245, -100] His manager probably feels shameful because this type of treatment is certainly not why he signed up to be a manager

3. [+1,092, -91] What the..

4. [+152, -17] Even if he's just joking, he should know that it's inappropriate to accuse that...

5. [+151, -23] You can tell how he treats his managers by how he talks about them...

6. [+151, -20] How does he not realize after so many years since debut that by him saying this, his dumb fans are going to attack his manager over it?..

7. [+122, -22] What's wrong with him? He's trying to play it off as a joke but you can clearly tell that he really thinks that. Does he really take his manager as a thief?!

8. [+105, -25] What would you expect from the fellow member of Onew

9. [+103, -20] He's about to ruin his own positive image

10. [+95, -24] Aw man, I really like Taemin but he needs to watch his mouth lately.

11. [+69, -20] See? Look at all his fans saying it's just a joke ㅋㅋ it doesn't matter, there's a sense of respect that should be kept.

12. [+68, -19] Is his brain completely empty? Whether it's a joke or not, it's inappropriate to say things like that about his manager on TV. How would this make his manager feel?

13. [+55, -12] This is what abuse of power is... the privilege of being able to say anything you want about someone without consideration of their feelings

14. [+53, -12] Taemin-ah, watch your mouth. You overdo it sometimes.

15. [+53, -20] What is wrong with SM lately?



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