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Saturday, August 5, 2017

The late Choi Jin Shil's daughter Choi Junhee claims to be abused by her grandmother

Article: The late Choi Jin Shil's daughter Choi Junhee "My parents divorced because of my grandma, I'll continue to reveal the truth"

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1,037, -271] Do you want to be a celebrity that badly? Sure... if you have the talent for it... but I understand from the grandmother's perspective why she'd stop you considering her own daughter met such a tragic end as a celebrity. 'Idol School', 'Produce 101'... do you think you got into those shows on your own? The way I see it, they just wanted to use you for the viewer ratings;;

2. [+807, -143] Have to listen to both sides of a story. It's wrong to only listen to what the kid is saying.

3. [+766, -132] Enough's enough, Junhee-ya. You're only damaging yourself by going on like this. Nobody knows what happens between a married couple, not even their parents. Of course your grandma's going to step in when it became known to the entire country that your mother was being abused. I understand why your grandma blocked you from going on those audition shows. Enough's enough, and I hope the media stops giving this attention. I'm worried she's going to resort to other matters.

4. [+118, -23] Maybe because she's still young but she doesn't seem to have a filter and just spits out everything she's thinking. She's done too much attention wh*rish things on SNS for anyone to believe her SNS posts. Speaking objectively, she also lacks the visuals to be a celebrity and seems to lack in talent as well. I only see this as an opportunity for the TV industry to use her and her mother's name for the attention. I find it hard to believe that she passed any of those auditions without anyone knowing that she's Choi Jin Shil's daughter because she's been all over SNS with her attention wh*re antics. No way that no one at the audition set recognized her. I suggest that she stops now while she can before she regrets it as an adult.

5. [+107, -22] Junhee-ya, we really do wish for your happiness. However, all of this is up for the police to investigate and look into. It's not too late to wait for the investigation results. However, if the results come out to show that you were not actually abused, I can already imagine you going on SNS and blaming the law for being wrong. I think what you need now is some time apart from your grandma to calm yourself down. From what I remember about your parent's divorce, you were way too young to even remember anything that was going on. The divorce was purely because of your dad. Also, I think people in the industry are trying to use you as marketing since you're Choi Jin Shil's daughter... they'll accept you on their audition shows but in the end, you won't be the one debuting... Look at all the beautiful, talented girls who were eliminated off of 'Produce 101'. The industry has nothing but hurt waiting for you.

6. [+105, -13] She fully knows that her grandmother suffered the suicides of both her daughter and son to the celebrity industry... and for her to still want to go on 'Produce 101' against her grandmother's wishes made me think that Junhee really needs to grow up. She can't expect to get sympathy for the rest of her life. Everyone acts up during puberty, but she's taking this to another scale.

7. [+102, -14] Junhee's revealing all these stories all day long and even made it on prime time news... but does she not realize that her grandmother has not given one interview expressing her side of the story? Junhee, you immature, naive child, this is the heart of your grandmother.

8. [+89, -6] She seems starved for love. Maybe because she grew up without enough of it... I completely understand why her grandmother would be against her auditioning for celebrity shows when her own son and daughter commit suicide as celebrities... I also don't understand how Junhee can blame her grandmother for her parent's divorce when she was only 2-3 years old at the time and probably remembers nothing. Why is it her grandmother's fault that her mother's husband locked her up and beat her up? She's just looking for someone to blame.

9. [+78, -14] A message to the grandma: just let her do whatever she wants. She obviously has no problem speaking ill to the entire country of the grandma who raised her her entire life, why do any good for her still? This has crossed the line of acting up during puberty, she seems to think she's some huge star herself.

10. [+71, -10] I laughed so hard when Junhee blamed her grandmother for her parent's divorce. People in their thirties now were given a play by play, live update on their divorce back when it was happening. The husband not only cheated on her but disappeared for months after taking the other woman to Hong Kong. The fact that she's blaming her grandmother at all for any of it just makes me not want to trust anything she's saying ㅋㅋㅋ and oh yeah, you were still wearing diapers at that age, what would you know?


Source: Naver

1. [+5,955, -166] Kid... don't trust anything the broadcast people tell you... they're just trying to use you for viewer ratings.

2. [+5,252, -157] She really seems unstable. I really wish she'd stay off of SNS because I feel like she's moments away from crumbling if anyone says anything bad to her.

3. [+4,170, -324] Need to listen to the grandma's side of the story too

4. [+4,782, -685] We obviously need to listen to both sides but I also don't think it's fair to write Junhee off as a puberty act up

5. [+3,744, -360] It was bound to explode at some point if the grandma kept suppressing her... sigh, tragic all around. Police investigations do seem needed for some of her claims like hospital visits.

6. [+1,868, -97] Child... your father, mother, and uncle were all a part of the celebrity industry and met their demise through suicides. Of course your grandmother wouldn't want to let you go down that route. All the broadcast officials see with you is dollar signs. You're young but you're crossing the line now...

7. [+1,731, -77] So her grandma never gave her money to buy school supplies and yet she went around with circle lenses and dyed hair...?

8. [+1,831, -136] Her grandmother's heart must be rotten to tar by now with all she's been through



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