Girlfriend makes summer comeback with 'Love Whisper'

Article: Girlfriend releases 'Love Whisper'

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+1,329, -156] Their coordi hasn't improved yet again...

2. [+1,313, -246] They match concepts like this the best

3. [+717, -105] Seems pretty average? That's not necessarily a bad thing but it's nothing impressive either... but maybe the song will sound better after we see it with the choreography

4. [+511, -66] Girlfriend has good songs but they all sound the same... but it's not like they match other concepts either so hmm..

5. [+469, -75] The song sounds comfortable to listen to but it feels like such a mish mash of all their previous songs. I think it'd be worth a try to change up their lyricist and composer...

6. [+400, -67] Looks like they really felt the damage with 'Fingertip'... went straight back to their old concept...

7. [+289, -35] I think they need to switch up their composer at least once ㅠ their songs and concepts are all too similar now

8. [+283, -33] The problem with small agencies is that once they get a hit, it's difficult for them to keep it up. You can start to see the limit with their concepts and composing skills.

9. [+285, -37] Hasn't their agency made a lot of money? Why are their outfits still so cheap.... please don't cheap out on their stage outfits

10. [+749, -193] I'm personally really, really liking Eunha's voice... there's a charm to it. Her voice has a lot of commercial value to it.