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Thursday, August 3, 2017

CLC makes comeback with 'Where are you?'

Article: CLC expresses their 7 color charms with FreeSM

Source: News 1 via Naver

1. [+356, -9] Sigh... nevermind the fact that their concept keeps changing from this to that but this new song... as if the weather isn't already a downer already, the song's also a dance song that brings your mood down... Cube has lost their sense of music... come on, pick better songs

2. [+308, -3] Cube has no sense for the seasons... They dressed BtoB in clothes fit for the winter in the middle of summer... They should've released this song in the winter and released 'Goblin' in the summer since it's more upbeat

3. [+169, -4] Bad choice of title track

4. [+160, -5] Yoojin-ah, why'd you get double eyelids...

5. [+114, -3] What are they wearing

6. [+44, -4] CLC has a couple good songs like 'PePe' and 'Goblin' but they really don't have a concept that you immediately think of when you hear CLC

7. [+32, -3] I like the song... just not a song that's nice to hear in the summer. Should've chosen 'Summer Kiss' as their title track and saved this one for a winter or fall comeback. Cube is really not thinking these things through.

8. [+30, -5] Their concept is just "try every concept until something sticks"... First they tried to ride on the drama Goblin's coattails and got called knock off 4minute, now what's this...

9. [+21, -1] Yeah, their last 'Goblin' comeback wasn't really the best... the members were all too Hyuna-ized

10. [+16, -0] CLC matches concepts like 'PePe' more... and this song should've been released in the fall instead of summer



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