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Friday, August 11, 2017

Choi Junhee asks police to strip grandmother of parental rights

Article: Choi Junhee requests to police for grandmother to be stripped of parental authority

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+3,118, -415] I don't care how young she is anymore, she's taking this way too far... please control yourself..

2. [+2,623, -446] Look at all that make up caked on when she's so young... wake up, child... nothing but time can solve the tryhard disease of middle school students

3. [+2,075, -184] The fact that her grandmother is still remaining quiet this entire time while Choi Junhee is acting out like this means that she's still considerate of her granddaughter. Apparently her oppa filed a report with the police because Junhee got into a physical fight with her grandmother... sigh. Acting like this at her age, no parent could put up with that. She needs to realize that there's no one but her grandmother in the world who can look out for her. The minute she strips her of her parental authority, there will be so many people going after her for the inheritance money.

4. [+307, -6] I felt bad for her at first but this is getting worse... She's going to regret all of this when she gets older, what is she doing... One day you'll feel sorry to your only family left, your grandmother and your brother...

5. [+307, -6] Do you think your grandmother wants to be your parent? She's 70 years old, she barely has any energy for herself and yet here she is running after two children. I feel bad for her life.

6. [+251, -2] Junhee-ya, you're upset and pissed off that people are hating on you and not your grandmother, right?? But you have to realize that your grandmother is probably upset right now that you're getting all the hate and not herself. That's what it means to be a granddaughter.

7. [+206, -4] The grandmother should just give her her share of the money and tell her to go live her own life. It's time for the grandmother to live out the rest of her life too.

8. [+190, -2] Junhee's the type of kid who will never be grateful no matter who raises her, grandmother or not... Such a young but scary thing...

9. [+175, -1] Her dream is to be a celebrity but it looks like that path has closed. Whoever offers her a chance to be a celebrity is obviously just going to be a scammer.

10. [+131, -0] Your grandmother's only living right now for your sake


Article: Choi Junhee, "Babble on all you want... I'll listen to your incorrect words for you" SNS profile edited

Source: Sports Today via Nate

1. [+3,232, -138] Enough's enough...

2. [+3,035, -115] Junhee-ya.. you need to quit SNS for your sake

3. [+2,795, -254] Her SNS level is already Sulli level ㅋ congrats, you're a celebrity now

4. [+354, -5] Her grandmother did raise her improperly... people don't know about her iljin past, and if any of that was revealed, people would go crazy. If she actually went through with 'Produce 101', all her iljin stories would be blown up. Her grandmother saved her life by keeping her off the show. She needed to have gotten mental help a long way ago... I think the situation's only as bad as it is now because people didn't step in fast enough. Please get the help you need now and stop tarnishing your mother's name.

5. [+283, -5] I felt bad for her at first but now she's just a gross attention wh*re

6. [+278, -4] Smearing poo all over her mother's own. Foolish idiot.

7. [+259, -4] With the way she's acting, I feel like her personality's not the type to just take abuse from her grandmother. I wonder if she really was abused.

8. [+235, -6] If you really care for her, anyone who's her friend should unfollow her and ignore her SNS antics. People keep responding and giving her attention and it seems it has infected her mind.

9. [+213, -7] Whoever hyped her up telling her she could be a big star is going to go to hell for this

10. [+193, -7] She's not getting nearly enough hate as she should be because of her mother's sake. She's practically Sulli level at this point.



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