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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A look back at Suzy's debut days

Article: Suzy's shocking debut image

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+829, -89] Such a clean, pretty face...

2. [+685, -78] She was no joke when she first debuted

3. [+608, -78] All of the male community sites went crazy on Suzy's debut day

4. [+59, -8] There was something sharp about her prettiness in those days

5. [+59, -9] I really was surprised when I saw her debut stage.. just automatically thought "so pretty"

6. [+57, -10] She was a visual shock when she debuted

7. [+47, -8] I remember watching her in awe

8. [+40, -8] I still watch these performances on YouTube once in a while

9. [+38, -8] It wasn't only the men, women went crazy after seeing how pretty she was too. I never cared for celebrities but even I couldn't help but notice.

10. [+28, -8] Suzy was probably the first female idol I thought "wow, she's no joke"... I still think she looked way prettier during her debut days

11. [+36, -9] When Suzy debuted, there was an outpour of her gifs on DC Gallery which started spreading. It wasn't really until Suzy's debut that making gifs of your idols to promote them became a normal thing.



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