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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Yeeun updates fans looking more gaunt than usual

Article: Wonder Girls' Yeeun's recent whereabouts, gaunt looking face... has she been going through emotional times?

Source: MBN TV via Nate

1. [+611, -43] She has that whole mess going on with her father, it's amazing to me that she's still on SNS;; the people who were conned by him are probably boiling in anger seeing this

2. [+505, -36] My friend's mother is a victim to her father's scam too. She had to move in with her son. Yeeun is so shameless to be staying public like this, but I guess that's what they teach in her church.

3. [+424, -26] Daughter of a pseudo-religion

4. [+87, -4] No matter how much of an emotionally difficult time Yeeun is going through, could it be as difficult as the people who were scammed out of their entire fortunes? Her father used her own image to scam people out of 20 billion won and she has the audacity to be posting on SNS right now? What does she want? Sympathy?

5. [+71, -4] Celebrities truly have thick skin...

6. [+69, -2] Her father is a 20 billion won scam

7. [+54, -24] Don't be too hard on her. I remember hearing that Yeeun's mother divorced her father and they each live with new partners... and she lived with her mother so she doesn't have much contact with her father.

8. [+49, -1] I remember she mocked Jung Yoora and acted like she was woke but she ended up being the daughter of a 20 billion won conman

9. [+48, -7] Does she have any shame? Is she not embarrassed?

10. [+46, -3] How does she have any mind to be on SNS after knowing what her father did... tsk tsk tsk



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