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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lee Hyori takes her comeback to the stage with 'Show Champion'

Article: 'Show Champion' Lee Hyori's first stage... 'captivates' with dreamy aura

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+938, -161] She definitely has an aura that draws people in... she was born to be a celebrity from birth

2. [+812, -167] She looked amazing, really daebak

3. [+747, -158] Lee Hyori really proves to be Lee Hyori

4. [+68, -34] Her singing is really bad though...

5. [+67, -28] I didn't think it was that good, what's with all the praise;

6. [+44, -36] A journalist did mention to her at her showcase that people are reacting poorly to her comeback because it isn't flashy and performance focused like they're used to from her. She said she knew and that she's in the process of growing and changing as an artist so to continue watching after her. I'm personally a fan of her changing like this... I think she's going in the right direction and maturing in the right way. I really think we need more female solo singers like her to change the image of women in the media. It's concerning for me to see shows like 'Idol School' and all these shows that only cater to the image of a 'young girl'. Fortunately, Lee Hyori is back to show what it means to be an experienced and mature woman...

7. [+43, -15] I'm really curious and genuinely asking you all this: do you like her song? Does the song make you want to sing along, does it touch your heart strings, does it feel like it has artistic quality, or what? The song itself isn't bad but it doesn't match Lee Hyori's vocal tone. She sounds like she's singing at a karaoke. If she's going to sing songs like this, she needs a lot more practice. Her voice just makes the song sound so much more depressing than it needs to be. And I don't even blame Lee Sang Soon since he's probably used to working with voices like Rollercoaster, Yozoh, and Kim Dong Ryul. I have no idea why anyone told her to make this the title track. This album is not a 'process' of change or anything, it's just an album that displays that she still can't sing.

8. [+43, -25] Practice your singing ㅋ

9. [+38, -23] Can you Pann girls stop blindly praising and give her some constructive criticism

10. [+37, -16] I was really looking forward to this~ but the song didn't feel like it was Lee Hyori...

11. [+36, -11] Um Jung Hwa was still performing songs like 'Disco' at Lee Hyori's age... Lee Hyori is aging herself too fast... I think the hiatus did no good for her.



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