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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

'Iljin controversy' Lee Chaeyoung attends 'Idol School' conference

Article: Student Lee Chae Young at 'Idol School' despite iljin controversy

Source: Asia Today via Nate

1. [+1,536, -16] All she needs is is one big hit and she can make enough to afford a building, just gotta be shameless for that

2. [+1,258, -19] Shameless

3. [+1,018, -80] The sad reality where you're forgiven for even an iljin controversy as long as you're pretty

4. [+122, -1] I don't think she's pretty enough to make up for her iljin controversy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it's better to be honest these days. Just apologize and keep promoting.

5. [+90, -0] She looks intimidating

6. [+89, -1] She looks like she could pass for 30

7. [+81, -0] She is the monster product of the looks focused society that you all created

8. [+63, -3] If her rumors are true, she can't be debuted... She needs to be set as an example to future idols that you need to have a clean past if you want a future as an idol.

9. [+57, -1] Her double eyelids are fake

10. [+47, -0] Fine~ let her try and become a celebrity. The public will torture her psychologically to make her regret her decision.

11. [+42, -3] Just waiting for her to start crying and making up a story

12. [+23, -0] So she wants to achieve her own dreams after stomping on the dreams of others?



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