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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Baek Yerin deletes Instagram over post she made about JYP

Article: Baek Yerin expresses problems with JYP? "The adults here are funny and scary"

Source: Herald Econ via Nate

"I have so many good songs I've written, I want to release an albummm. So many people are waiting! But the adults here are so funny and scary. Uggh."

1. [+719, -31] I understand she may have her frustrations.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but you can tell she's definitely naive...

2. [+661, -24] Kids who can't manage themselves need to stay off of SNS... it just ruins their image

3. [+528, -23] One thing's for sure, Baek Yerin and JYP aren't a good match... fans have been feeling that way for a long time

4. [+88, -1] Agencies aren't a charity house. It's not like JYP never put out any albums for her, it's that they never did well which is why she isn't getting anymore support. Baek Ah Yeon's been getting frequent releases. It's unfair to blame the agency like this.

5. [+77, -0] She's got a temper...

6. [+70, -0] I can tell she's going to regret this later

7. [+56, -4] I think kids who are capable of doing music are better off playing big in small agencies like IU and Zico

8. [+52, -2] She always acts so introverted when she's put on shows or stages. She was on Instalive once and got pissed over something and was like "I'm done" and cut it off abruptly. She'll often say things like "this is stressing me out". She was just never meant to be a celebrity, and she needs to admit that to herself.

9. [+48, -0] Didn't she get caught saying "f*ck you b*tch" on an Instalive before too? And deleted her Instagram once before too ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+41, -0] I think JYP has done enough for her. They sent her to study abroad for two years when she was a trainee and she's the one who rejected all of the castings that JYP got her. Funny how she calls them "funny and scary".



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