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Sunday, June 25, 2017

VOS Park Ji Heon under criticism for inappropriate Instagram captions about family

Article: Park Ji Heon's dangerous SNS statements as the father of 5? Netizens rain 'criticism' on him

Source: MK Sports via Nate

Caption on a post about his daughter: You little rascal, who are you trying to seduce with your shoulder exposed like that and a drink in your hand

Captaion on post about his wife: A date with my wife for dinner, just the two of us. She came out without any make up and wearing her dongsaeng's clothes so I told her to keep her head down and reflect.


1. [+3,288, -72] How dare he tell his wife to keep her head down;;;; and how can he think that was okay to post on SNS at all ㅡㅡ proving to the world "I have no brain~"

2. [+2,962, -56] It's obvious he's trying to sound funny but it's not funny...

3. [+2,466, -53] Hul... you really need to reread what you're writing 100 times before actually posting it on SNS

4. [+308, -1] He seems so cheap now that I've read his posts;;

5. [+285, -5] It's a reflection of the type of person he is. I bet he doesn't help with the kids at all at home even though he's had five already. How dare you say that stuff to a little child?

6. [+257, -3] It's so wrong to describe a child's body like that

7. [+235, -2] How can you talk about your family like that...

8. [+233, -2] ;;;;;Hul totally didn't from the image I usually had of him. For a father and husband, he needs to think before speaking.

9. [+215, -1] You can tell what type of person he is. How can you describe your wife and daughter with such words?

10. [+198, -1] I bet he's even worse in person



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