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Friday, June 9, 2017

Twice wins girl group brand for the eighth month in a row

Article: Twice wins girl group brand for the 8th consecutive month... #2 is Lovelyz

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+823, -103] Eight months in a row... daebak!!!

2. [+704, -109] It is quite amazing that Twice has managed to stay #1 for eight consecutive months

3. [+620, -91] Congratulations Twice for winning girl group brand of June~♡

4. [+567, -80] Eight months in a row, daebak!!! Twice, Once, let's do well!!!

5. [+536, -84] Good luck on your Japanese promos too!

6. [+201, -30] Grats to both Lovelyz and Twice. Pathetic that haters are taking down both groups because their bias didn't win...

7. [+169, -20] Twice is amazing, and Lovelyz continues to grow... fighting to both teams

8. [+197, -32] It's to the point where it's weird now if Twice isn't ranked at the top, and I'm surprised at Lovelyz but I have notice that there are quite a lot of their fans around me. Girl groups need to be pretty to be popular.

9. [+195, -32] Loving both groups these days

10. [+173, -27] Why do people always argue over the results... doesn't matter how hard you deny it, Twice is #1 and Lovelyz is #2, you can't change it ㅋㅋ congrats to both groups



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