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Sunday, June 4, 2017

TOP avoids all public spotlight in the army

Article: TOP "disappears"... in hiding for 4 days eating cup ramen

Source: Herald Econ via Nate

1. [+2,628, -49] While other soldiers were out on guard and running laps on the training field, he gets to commit a crime and sit in the comfort of his living hall

2. [+2,341, -52] So what's the point of telling us this? That he's skipping meals and eating cup ramen so we should feel bad for him? Worry for him? Don't forget that he's a criminal who needs to pay the price for his crime.

3. [+798, -17] A rookie soldier eating cup ramen in the living hall would never fly with anyone else. Is he crazy? Since when was our army this lax?

4. [+112, -0] When I was serving active duty, eating meals with your unit was mandatory. I guess he doesn't have to eat if he doesn't want to ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+86, -0] I don't care if he's eating cup ramen or not, he'd be thrown in jail already if he wasn't a celebrity.

6. [+73, -0] Why is the police unit protecting this criminal?? They don't treat other criminals like this

7. [+64, -0] Isn't skipping meals in the army considered breaking the rules? He's totally doing whatever he wants

8. [+39, -1] At least he's hiding because he knows he should be embarrassed of himself

9. [+33, -1] He's a criminal, please treat him like one. I'm sick of these celebrity perks. If he wasn't a celebrity, he definitely wouldn't be allowed to sit in the living hall all day eating cup ramen.

10. [+31, -2] What??? He doesn't have to eat at the cafeteria??? He can just eat ramen in the living hall???

11. [+30, -0] Talk about perks... you're not allowed to eat in the living hall, first of all. And a soldier is required to eat three meals a day at the time they assign you. You're also not allowed to replace the meals with ramen. So he doesn't have to work or follow any of the results... is he in the army or on break? Disgusting

12. [+17, -0] TOP is a completely new recruit so for him to be able to hide in the living hall already makes me wonder how many other celebrity perks he's been getting all along.

13. [+13, -1] Anyone who's served in the army will know that they don't let you skip meals because it affects your stamina and lowers your fighting power in the case of war. Secondly, the meals are prepared using tax money so skipping meals is considered a waste of everyone's tax money, and you'll end up with disciplinary action if you do so. If you still skip meals, you can even end up in army jail. I guess the army has gotten a lot more lenient for him, jeez;;;



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