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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tiffany supports Hyoyeon's solo comeback

Article: "Loyal Hwang ♥ Thank you" Tiffany supports Hyoyeon's solo

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+832, -80] At least the members are supporting her solo, SM has barely been doing anything to promote it, way too harsh

2. [+517, -84] You can tell right away how much prettier Hyoyeon's gotten

3. [+465, -136] Kyah, shows that female idols can never be forgiven no matter how much time has passed. For comparison, another certain idol can commit the same mistake and not get one article in the media about it.

4. [+62, -11] Japan loving American

5. [+61, -16] Dumbfany OUT!!!

6. [+47, -7] Actually, SM has been promoting Hyoyeon's solo the same as they've been promoting their other idols. I saw a lot of comeback articles about her being the 'performance queen'. It's just that people don't care that she's flopping, don't blame SM for her not promoting her enough...

7. [+41, -11] Even the fans aren't helping Hyoyeon's solo, why are they blaming SM? I get that it's harder now for fandoms to take over the digital charts after the changes but a fandom of SNSD's level can at least get her a mid-level rank, or at the very least onto the charts. Hyoyeon didn't even get in the charts with her comeback which 100% means her fandom didn't even help her. Don't blame your agency, blame yourselves.

8. [+40, -7] Why would anyone bother to support a solo that is bound to flop

9. [+37, -9] I wasn't even feeling her song...

10. [+28, -8] Speaking coldly, Hyoyeon doesn't have the skills to go solo. Fans keep saying her singing has improved, she's gotten prettier, etc but the public doesn't care about progress, they care about what they're putting on the table in this exact moment.



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