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Monday, June 5, 2017

NCT127 to comeback next week

Article: [Official] NCT 127 confirms comeback for June... digital song to be released on the 14th

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+335, -17] Did NCT U disappear...

2. [+351, -25] Please just pay more attention to their outfits...

3. [+332, -26] Their coordi is their anti... if you listen to their album, they have songs that are a lot better than their title tracks.. I hope they pick a more public-friendly song for this comeback

4. [+235, -22] Please give them better outfits...

5. [+217, -23] Please stop experimenting with NCT and give them something public-friendly ㅠㅠㅠ NCT Dream had the best song and coordis

6. [+74, -5] 1. Please don't make them wear hats 2. Please stop dressing them in ugly Gucci clothes, pick prettier ones ㅠ 3. Stop making them use their handsome faces to make up for their ugly clothes, dress them in clothes that make their handsome faces even more handsome ㅠ please, please, please

7. [+62, -7] I think their song will be good, can't wait

8. [+70, -10] I can't wait to see what their hair styles will be like considering all the fuss the stylists are causing by keeping them in hats

9. [+33, -2] If SM wants this group to succeed, they need to start by switching out their coordis

10. [+41, -4] They have great songs on their albums. The members are unique and friendly and could use some variety exposure. Give them better outfits and the group has potential to do better. We're past the age where people become fans off of talent alone...



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