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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Luna snaps a photo with Hugh Jackman

Article: Luna takes proof shot with Hugh Jackman

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+298, -28] I wouldn't have recognized her if I didn't read that it was Luna...

2. [+175, -20] She needs to stop with the plastic surgery, she got a ton of work done..

3. [+51, -8] Did Hugh Jackman lose weight, he's looking a lot sharper

4. [+22, -9] What happened to Luna's face, I don't recognize her anymore

5. [+15, -5] This isn't the Luna I remember

6. [+11, -5] Runa is looking more like Rukiko-san

7. [+10, -5] I became Luna's fan after seeing her on 'Masked Best Singer'. Even if f(x) doesn't work out, I wish the best for her!

8. [+7, -3] She's looking weirder and weirder

9. [+7, -5] Couldn't recognize Luna at all. Meanwhile Hugh Jackman is looking sexy with age.

10. [+5, -7] She lost some weight, what're you all whining about plastic surgery for? Are you all plastic surgeons? Is Nate a community for plastic surgeons?



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