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Monday, June 26, 2017

[Instiz] Eric's controversial statements on femininity on 'V app'

Instiz: Eric's controversial V app statements

"I despise women who act like they're important or smart or better than me. I also hate women who try to act masculine or tough, or are proud that they can't cook, like 'I only know how to make ramen and fried eggs' is anything to brag about. I'm a man and lived long enough on my own to know how to at least make spaghetti, kimchi fried rice, or stews. Women need to be feminine no matter what."


"What age does he think we're living in? Farewell~~~"

"Why do weird men hate women who are smarter or better?"

"He sounds so dumb"

"Yeah, this is farewell for him bye bye"

"Wow, he sounds so air headed"

"This is a wake up call;"

"Wow, I'm embarrassed to have liked him for 6 years... don't make me regret those years, this is so devastating. You're getting married this Saturday... I hope you live a happy life with your feminine wife."

"He's said a few inappropriate things in the past already so I was always curious as to why he had such a positive image with others..."

"This is disappointing"

"He's a conservative old fart, I remember he got into a few scandals back then too"

"What's there to 'despise'..."

"I'm speechless..."

"I can't hold back my horror..."

"Ugh, he's the worst... goodbye"



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