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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fans show their support for Kang Dongho in light of sexual harassment rumors

Article: Kang Dongho's sexual harassment controversy, fans spam his Instagram with "We trust you oppa ♥"

Source: Donga Ilbo via Nate

1. [+1,201, -93] The recording is out and the victim's mother even left a statement, how is Pledis going to clarify any of this?? Or are they going to stay quiet??? Just putting out a statement calling all of this a rumor is irresponsible. Either Pledis or Kang Dongho himself needs to step up and clarify what happened.

2. [+1,104, -73] He trusts that you stupid fangirls are idiots too~♡

3. [+981, -55] Apparently it really is him in the recording

4. [+110, -7] For all of you asking why the victim's bringing back something that happened 8 years ago... are you even human? Could you tell your own family member to leave the past in the past? If you're going to defend him at all, just say something like "our oppa would never do something like that!" instead of saying something so disrespectful to the victim. NU'EST's future is only your concern, not ours~

5. [+100, -4] Fine, he was in junior high school, a super hormonal age where you don't really know right from wrong. He should at least know better to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Why is he putting his agency up to threaten a lawsuit? Is he scared of the damage now that he's famous? He should now that it's worse to become even more famous over a scandal like this.

6. [+89, -4] I heard the phone conversation and he kept telling her "I'll call you later~", "I'll call you in 5 minutes"... and when the victim straight up told him, "Are you going to keep avoiding me like this? You sexually harassed me 8 years ago, I'm the victim" and he kept telling her back "I'll call you back, I'm busy right now"... If he really didn't do it, he would've asked what she was talking about or tried to retort it but he kept listening to her and telling her he'll call her later...

7. [+70, -2] Just because she's coming out with this now even though it happened 8 years ago doesn't mean it never happened. Doesn't seem like she received a proper apology either;;; Fans keep shielding this saying it was just sexual harassment, not even rape, but that's not for you to judge, that's for the victim to. Fans are so hopeless.

8. [+58, -2] Stupid fangirls are already brainwashed by him, no logic is going to get through their heads. The point of the scandal is whether he touched her without consent or not but stupid fangirls think the issue is why she's bringing this up 8 years later. Does the fact that 8 years have passed suddenly wash him clean of any sins??? That's not what's important here. Too bad his stupid fangirls are sitting there saying they trust him instead of listening to any of this.

9. [+53, -0] By these stupid fangirls logic, criminals who committed crimes 10 years ago should be let free then, right? Whatever the victim's intentions are in coming out with this now doesn't change whatever he did 8 years ago.

10. [+47, -4] I think there really is some truth to your character being related to the way you look... Kangin, Cha Joo Hyuk (Hot Blood Kangho), and Kang Dongho all have that same image to them...;;;



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